Save The Frogs!

Today (28th April 2012) is Save the Frogs Day! Save The Frogs! is a public American charity that was set up in 2008. It is dedicated to the conservation of all amphibians across the world. Today is Save the Frogs! 4th annual Save the Frogs day.

Did you know that…

  • Currently 2000+ species of amphibians across the world are in danger of becoming extinct in the near future.
  • 200 species of amphibians have already become extinct since 1979!
  • Humans eat over 1,000,000,000 frogs a year! The California Red-Legged frog was almost eaten to extinction by California Gold Miners in the 1890’s

Why are frogs and other amphibians having such a hard time surviving?

There are many reasons why they finding it very difficult to survive. Some of the reasons include:

  • Pollution of their natural habitats and the use of pesticides which greatly harm amphibians .
  • The destruction of habitats such as the rainforests meaning that they have nowhere suitable to live.
  • Climate change leading to ponds, rivers and streams drying up which are essential to their survival.
  • The pet and food trade – too many frogs are taken out of the wild for the pet and food trades.
  • Increased levels of fungal diseases which amphibians are particularly susceptible to.

Why Save Amphibians?

There are many reasons why we should actively try to save amphibians. Here are just a few:

  • They eat a lot of bugs (such as mosquitos and ticks) that can pass horrible diseases such as malaria on to humans, therefore helping to reduce the risk of us being ill from such diseases.
  • Lots of other animals such as birds, monkeys and snakes depend on frogs as a reliable food source in their natural environment. Without them they too could be in danger of extinction.
  • Amphibians are very cool and have a lot they can teach us.

How Can You Help Them?

There are many things that you can do every day to help protect amphibians and their habitats including:

  • Conserving water.
  • Recycling to reduce pollution and consumption of our (and the amphibians) natural resources.
  • Only buy a captive breed amphibian if you want one as a pet as this will help to reduce the numbers being taken out of the wild.
  • Try to only eat locally, organically grown foods to help reduce the amount of habitat destruction caused by creating farmland and to reduce the amount of pesticides leaking into their habitats.
  • Tell everyone you know about the dangers that frogs and all other amphibians face and how they too can help.
  • Set aside a small space in your garden (or school field) and make it into a suitable habitat to encourage frogs and newts to live, breed and thrive there.

You can also help by making a donation to Save the Frogs! To help support the work they do.

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Thank you for raising awareness, this is a golden opportunity for the American public to understand the importance of these useful creatures! We need to know how to protect them. Regards, Andrew

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