Panthera Retired

After being hit by a car, resulting in a broken back leg, whilst pregnant with her first litter of kittens we have decided to retire Panthera. However her second born kitten (son Twobie) will be taking her place. Twobie has already proved his self ready for a working life and really enjoys playing games with our 2 year old daughter, hiding in boxes and bags, and chasing his mum around. In his spare time Towbie loves nothing more than to sit in Harvey our Horsefield tortoises' enclosure and drink his water. They can often be seen cuddling up to each other. His traning started young (aided by our daughter) and he is looking forward to his first encounter with the public.

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Sorry to hear Panthera was hit by a car - bad news. Glad she's OK and I'm sure you're doing the right thing in retiring her. Good luck.