About Us

Quirks’ Animal Roadshows offers animal handling workshops for all ages at any location with 50 miles of Reading. We can deliver curriculum based workshops on a variety of topics that children will find exciting, educational and entertaining. Our handling workshops are for all, we travel to nurseries, primary and secondary schools, scout groups, residential home, libraries and more.

We are also very popular when appearing at fares and fetes. We can either charge people to come into our tent and give 10% to the organiser, or if we can offer free entry if we are paid by the organisers.


Started as an addition to our fete work, we have teamed up with Paul Quirk of Exotics Encounter to offer people a chance to have a professional photograph taken while holding an animal from our collection, selected by you. This can now also be set up separately from Quirks’ Animal Roadshows fete work, and will have the photographer’s personal favourite selection of animals available to be used.

Our Background

We (Luke and Kayleigh) met while both volunteering at the UK Wolf Conservation Trust in 2008. We got married in July 2009. We have a daughter called Lily who loves helping us with the animals and a son called Noah who is starting to crawl and explore the animal room (and animals).

We both have National diplomas in Animal Management (Luke from Sparsholt College and Kayleigh from The Berkshire College of Agriculture) and both have experience working with a wide range of animals and all age groups of people.

Luke has 3 years experience working for the largest animal roadshow company in the UK. While he made it as high as he could go he felt unhappy with some of the practices of the company that despite trying he could not change. He left them so we could start our own business as we believed we could do a better job and wanted to be able to introduce a much wider range of animals and, we believe, better experiences.

We both love animals and love sharing our passion and knowledge for them. We started Quirks' Animal Roadshows (QAR) in May 2011. We recognise that it's tough starting a business while the country experiences recession but we are determined to keep QAR on the road to success.