Our Roadshows

Party Time

Why not also book us for your child's birthday party? We can bring along your selection of animals and do a handling talk about them, or an open handling styal party.

Life Cycles

A look at the stages of life from birth to death and on again.

Food, Glorious Food...Webs

Explaining the importance of food webs and chains and the differences between herbivores and carnivores etc and why the sun plays such an important role to life.


Learn how to group animals into different family groups and understand the differences between vertebrates and invertebrates.

Mini Beasts

We will bring along a selection of mini beast. Learn why a mini beast is a mini beast and what makes them different to other animals and us.

Movement Madness

During this show you will find out about the different ways that animals use their bodies to move, and maybe have a go yourself?

Animal Senses

During this show we will explain how our senses compare to different animals (and how they use them) and give you the opportunity to use your senses and feel the textures of a selection of differen

Endangered Species

This is your opportunity to meet our animals that are on the CITES list and to learn about conservation. We also have a selection of items on loan to us that were confiscated by U.K.

Extreme Habitats

Find out which animals can survive and even thrive in extreme habitats such as the Saharan desert.

Habitats and Adaptations

Discover how animals are specifically designed to successfully live in their unique habitat. Also learn about the different types of habitats in the world.

Rainforest Discovery

Learn about the different layers of the rainforest and the animals that can be found within. This topic can also cover deforestation and conservation by request.

Pick and Mix

You chose the animals, we bring them to you!

Open Handling Session

We will bring along a selection of animals for you to have a go at handling. You can ask any questions you have about the animals or we can give a talk about the animals.

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